Donations and Bequests

Not for Profit organisations rely on the generosity of others to survive. We rely on our volunteers to give their time and supporters to donate funds to make the job of the volunteers easier by reducing the requirement to fundraise.


We have no manpower costs. All donations and bequests made to Better Hearing Canberra are spent on providing services for the hearing impaired. We are proud of that and we hope you will make a decision to support the 1 in 6 in our community who have a hearing loss. If we don’t help these people then they are likely to suffer increasing mental and physical health issues and lose quality of life. This ends up costing the community in the long run. Of course all donations are receipted and a tax deduction may be claimed.


If you felt that you would like to support our work with a bequest then we would like to thank you personally while you are alive. Please let us know of your intention in advance so that we can say thank you.


Larger donations and bequests may be invested to provide perpetual income to continue the work of Better Hearing Australia in Canberra into the future. Should you wish to discuss a bequest please phone Haydn Daw on 02 62514713 or email .

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