How We Can Help You

Better Hearing is a national organisation and Better Hearing Canberra is very active in the ACT. We want to thank you for visiting our website, which we are busy developing, and we want you to be aware of us and the help we can give to hearing impaired people anywhere using the internet but particularly the people of the ACT who may be able to join us and benefit from our training programme and other assistance.
We know there are a lot of people in Canberra with a hearing loss, probably close to 60,000. Some of these people will have a mild hearing loss but around 20,000 will need hearing aids to hear properly. Unfortunately we know that many of these people will wait a long time before obtaining hearing aids, some up to 10 years (yes 10 years!). Unfortunately for these people, they will have got used to not hearing many sounds and when they eventually obtain hearing aids their ears will be bombarded with noise that will be hard to handle. Even for those that have reacted fairly quickly there is a lot of adjusting required and the significance of a lot of noises has to be relearned. There will be sounds that can be ignored and others that need to be acted on. This adjustment takes time and perseverance will be required. It can take up to six months to adjust properly to new hearing aids.
We want you to know that we are here to help you make that adjustment. In fact we can help you before you actually get your hearing aids. By attending our 'lipreading classes' (see separate page) you can meet many others who have gone through the same decision making process you are facing and they are all keen to help you become a successful hearing aid user. You are not alone!
We also have lots of information that may be of assistance including pamphlets and posters. We also have a Personal Hospital Kit in case you have to go to hospital which will ensure that you are identified as a patient with special communication needs and it also contains other highly useful information (see separate page).
If you need referral to another support group or to a professional then we can also help as we make every effort to maintain contacts with a range of people who can assist if you have special needs.
We know that people in the workforce have special needs and we can sometimes help with Hearing Awareness Training (see separate page) in the workplace to make management and workmates aware of the special communication and environmental issues that need to be employed to make a person with a hearing loss a productive member of staff.
Our contact Aural Rehabilitation Teachers are Sue Daw, Carol Taloni and Linda Dwyer. Sue may be contacted on 02 62514713 or by email

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