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The 2017 BHA Canberra Christmas Party will be held on the 28 November 2017.  This is a special event and not to be missed.


For tinnitus sufferers please see our note under Resources (bottom left button)


We held an extremely successful workshop in May 2017 to assist hearing impaired people and their 'significant others', or partners, family and friends understand and cope with the effects of hearing loss. During the workshop we covered the psychological effects of hearing loss, communication rules, hearing aids, technology that can assist communication and harmony in the home. There were opportunities for discussion of the problems and sharing of ideas in how to solve them. To complement the Workshop we launched a special publication 'Communication with the hearing impaired mainly in the Home'. Please email if you would like an electronic or hard copy.


We are proud to say that following on from our success in winning the Maree Green Shield in 2015 we won it again in 1916 with the largest increase in membership Australia wide. This was announced at the BHA National AGM in Melbourne on the 7th October 2016.


Hearing Loss Management Classes have restarted in 2017 . Please phone 62514713 for details or bookings to attend.


Rediscovering Music for the Hearing Impaired 2017.

Our members and friends have the opportunity to participate in the Canberra Symphony Orchestra 'Rediscovering Music' program hosted by Kristen Sutcliffe bassoon player and audiologist. Members of the Canberra Symphony Orchestra will present a number of pieces of music and give hearing impaired BHA members and cochlear recipients the chance to appreciate music in a helpful environment. These sessions will take place during the programmed hearing loss management classes.


The 2017 concert dates will include:

Tuesday 30 May, 2017.

Tuesday 31 October 2017.


All people with a hearing loss (and friends) are welcome to attend these session. For bookings, or more information on location and timings, please call 62514713 or email .

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