Patient Hospital Kit  This hospital kit is designed for hearing impaired people by hearing impaired people. It contains signage that will identify you as a person with a hearing loss who has special communication needs. It also provides information on what to consider before you go into hospital and what to expect when there. A very useful trouble shooting guide is in the Kit in case you have a hearing aid problem while in hospital. There are also stickers which identify you as a hearing impaired person for affixing to your medical documents. The Patient Hospital Kits are available at a cost of $A20. If postage is required then for one kit that will be $5 within Australia. If more than one please phone or email for a quote. They can be ordered by phone 02 62514713 or by emailing  


The Patient Hospital Kit packed in its resealable plastic bag at the rear right and the components displayed in the foreground. 

Mr B of Melbourne writes succinctly (Oct 2012):'Impressive Kit'. I hope I never need it!

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