Hearing Awareness Training is designed to improve access for people with a hearing loss who are either customers or staff of Government Departments and Businesses including health providers. Training will be specifically tailored to meet the needs of the client. For example, the Hearing Awareness Training delivered to Canberra Connect staff that deal with the public would be quite different from an office work environment where training would focus on the specific communication and environmental needs of a staff member with a hearing loss. Such training is delivered by BHA members who have worked for years in the field of hearing loss. These people have a hearing loss and wear hearing aids. Normally such training may take between one and two hours depending on the requirements of the client. Shorter sessions for special situations may also be available. If you think we can help avoid or help solve a staff communication problem or attune your staff to the needs of hearing impaired clients, please email for further information: bhacanberra@gmail.com



If your problem is more related to specific equipment required for a hearing impaired staff member or an assessment of the physical conditions to maximise efficiency and effectiveness of this staff member, please contact the Deafness Resource Centre: glenn.vermeulen@actdrc.org.au

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