If you wear hearing aids with a ‘T switch’ then hearing loops can be amazing when you experience them. In very simple terms the audio loop, or hearing loop, is a wire laid round an area and connected to a microphone through a power amplifier. The magic occurs when you turn your T switch on, then the microphone transmits the speech directly into your hearing aid. This means that in a church, auditorium, railway station, ticket office or any place which has a working loop you can turn your T switch on and hear clearly.

The two enemies of the hearing impaired, distance from the speaker and background noise, are defeated by a loop.

We are very keen on promoting loops and developing a system for reporting loops that do not work.

If you see a sign for a loop, perhaps in the National Museum of Australia or Canberra Connect and you have a ‘T’ switch then please ask if you can use the loop. The staff will be only too happy to oblige and the more people that use it the better.

This is the international deafness symbol that is used to indicate hearing assistance like a loop is available. In some locations there may be some letters on the sign also.

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