Hearing Technology

Assistive Listening Devices

One of our activities is to conduct hearing awareness training for government and business. One thing that always rings a bell with the audiences is when discussing signs of a hearing loss is where the TV is turned up too loud. This can be very disturbing for families
. Of course the answer is for the guilty party to have their ears checked and get hearing aids, if warranted, to fix the problem. However, a good assistive listening device such as FM headphones will also allow the hearing impaired person to have their own private volume while others watching may listen to the TV in comfort.

There are many more devices that may help the hearing impaired person, from ‘shake awake’ alarm clocks to hearing friendly telephones. Better Hearing in Canberra does not offer assistive listening devices directly. We would refer you
to the ACT Deafness Resource Centre here in Canberra where you can see the devices and try them out with your hearing aid or in your home, if relevant, and then make the purchase. There are other providers who also market a range of devices such as ‘Word of Mouth’, ‘Printacall’, ‘Oricom’ and ‘Phoenix Hearing Instruments’. These companies can be found on the Internet.

For most people in Canberra the Deafness Resource Centre is going to be the first point of call. Phone Glenn: 6287 4393 or email glenn.vermeulen@actdrc.org.au .

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